A glance at the history of microscopy. The blood shows that it comes under two durations. In the initial, which is especially distinguished by the work of Virchow and also Max Schultze, an amount of favorable understanding was swiftly won, and also the different forms of anæmia were recognized. However close upon this adhered to a grinding halt, which lasted for some years. The reason for which stocked the scenario that viewers confined themselves to the examination of fresh blood. What actually was to be seen with the help of this easy technique.

These distinguished viewers had actually rapidly exhausted. That these methods were inadequate is finest shown by the history of leucocytosis. Which after the criterion of Virchow remained, in general, described an increased production for the lymphatic glands; and also even more by the imperfect difference in between leucocytosis and incipient leukæmia. Which was attracted nearly solely from totally mathematical evaluations. It was only after Ehrlich had presented the brand-new techniques of investigation through tarnished dry prep work. That the histology of the blood got the impulse for its 2nd duration.

We owe to them the exact distinction between the number of sort of white blood corpuscles.

The logical meaning of leukæmia, polynuclear leucocytosis, as well as the knowledge of the looks of degeneration and also regrowth of the red blood corpuscles. Of their degeneration in hæmoglobinæmic problems. The very same process. Then has gone on in the microscopy of the blood that we see in other branches of regular as well as pathological histology. By breakthroughs in technique, advances in expertise filled with the relevant outcome.

Therefore, little understandable, that a writer rather recently should recommend a reversion to the old techniques, as well as emphatically reveal that he has actually handled to make a diagnosis in all situations, with the examination of new blood. At the present time, one of the most vital points has been cleaned up by new techniques. In the large bulk of cases, this is not an astonishing success. For any type of challenging case (as an example the very early recognition of deadly lymphoma. 파워볼하는법

Certain unusual types of anæmia, and so on) As the experienced know. The completely dry-stained prep work is essential. The thing of analyzing the blood is absolutely not to make a fast medical diagnosis but to check out exactly the private information of the blood picture. Today, we can just take the point of view. That every little thing that is to be seen in fresh samplings– apart from the quite useless rouleaux development, and also the amœboid activities– can be seen equally well, and also without a doubt far better in a tarnished preparation; which there are several crucial details which are only made visible in the latter, as well as never in wet preparations.